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We Would Love To Hear About Your Project!

Telling us about your project takes about 30 minutes. Maybe we are the right fit for your project, or we can recommend an agency/firm to meet your project needs. Either way, we would love the opportunity to hear more about your vision.

Reach out and let us know when we can carve out 30 minutes to chat, along with an overview of what your project entails, so we can be prepared to answer your questions, and hopefully get started. Brand Presence Agency appreciates every opportunity to help and meet new people, and we value your trust in our services.

People are always asking us what differentiates us from our competitors. While we have numerous differentiators, there are a few that are unparalleled by anyone in our industry:

1. We are the only agency in the United States that gives a refund on unused retainer hours.

2. Brand Presence Agency uses a project based software in which clients have full access to their project updates, ensuring our clients have the ability to stay informed of their projects in real time, whenever they want to check in.

3. We pride ourselves in being (as far as we know) the lowest average cost per click Google Partner advertising agency, with a $0.64 per click average amongst our clients. We also have the lowest management cost in our industry.

We ask a lot of questions in our contact form, to ensure we are getting the best snapshot of what is important for your project. Whenever we make a call, or send an e-mail, we will always include information that will enlighten our clients to their current digital footprint, along with areas we have determined can make a greater impact within their verticals.

Not every call from us is a sales call. More often, our methodology at Brand Presence Agency, is to give you the information you need to make a better informed decision. We have found that an educated client, is a happy client.


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