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Design 101

Design starts with your audience. Companies falter in two general areas regarding their brand identity. The first area we find companies struggling with is their user experience. By defining your identity to your audience, engagement increases. The second area we find companies needing help with is their overall brand identity. By breaking your services or products down by market vertical, digital navigation is improved for users. While your digital presence is unique to your vision, your user experience is unique to your visitors.

We find companies who lose their position within their market verticals are sometimes suffering from a brand identity crisis. Brand awareness starts with defining your brand, then creating a user experience which encompasses both brand building, along with engaging your potential clients in the manner of which they wish to consume your information.

We always ask our clients this single question, which most have to dig deep into their resources to answer. What are your visitors and potential prospects looking to answer by engaging with your brand?

Responsive Web Design

Our visitors find us on various platforms. Ensuring your visitors have the opportunity to maximize their experience on the device of their choosing is of utmost importance. Each type of device serves the manner of which the visitor wishes to engage. While over 50% of web visitors engage on a mobile device, most purchases and decisions for service are made on a desktop device.

By offering the appropriate experience to your visitors, you will provide higher engagement results, leading to better capture. Mobile interaction is one of the biggest keys to ensuring digital relevance for your brand. Improving mobile engagement provides our clients with an increased brand presence, better engagement, and steady return on investment.

We have a quick question regarding responsive web design, which may help in the planning stages for your project. What type of device do you use a majority of the time, to learn more about a product or service you are looking to procure?

Design Features

Keep Your Audience Engaged

There are many design features to consider, when planning your website design or refresh. Some features to consider are parallax scrolling (similar to this section), full width imagery, grid layouts, menus, and more.

Be sure your choice for your web project has the arsenal of abilities that match your expectations.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask for both visual and client references. A great designer will take no issue with having you talk to previous clients. After all, your web presence, brand, and website are a long lasting investment.


Give Your Website Traction

Software integrations are the key to giving a website traction and growth. Too many integrations can cause both confusion internally, along with decreased engagement and capture opportunity. The right mixture of simplicity and functionality will ensure a company is at the right place, at the right time, providing a perfect amount of engagement for visitors.

Design Schedule

The Biggest Key to Success

Every great designer starts with a realistic schedule. By ensuring our projects stay on schedule, we ensure our clients are receiving what they expect, on their timeline, achieving the best client relationship possible. If your prospective designer isn’t offering a descriptive schedule of check-ins, updates, and complete transparency, they may not provide the expected finished work product.

Some of Our Design Work

Integration Partners

Integration Partners