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Whether you are in need of a fresh website design, re-design, marketing, advertising, or any of our peripheral services, we are here to help. Just have a few industry questions? We love to share our expertise. We are here when you need us, and we work at your pace. Our “no pressure” sales approach is unique to our industry, and appreciated by our valued clients.

Service Guarantee

Be sure to ask about our service guarantee, which is one of a kind. If we don’t use project hours, we are happy to ensure you aren’t charged for them. We just can’t think of anyone else in the country with a guarantee of that magnitude.

What to Expect by Reaching Out

By reaching out to us at Brand Presence Agency, you can expect us to respond via email or by phone. We won’t sell your contact information to third party vendors, because we don’t like unsolicited callers or emails either. We value everyone’s right to privacy, and we will never share our conversations with anyone else, without express written permission.

Further, we understand how busy everyone is in today’s society. Should we reach out at an unfavorable time, simply respond to our follow up email with an ideal day and time to connect. We’ll be sure to reach out at your convenience, as you are the customer, and we both appreciate and value your time.

Our Core Values

1. Be a student of our industry.

2. Always be thoughtful & selfless.

3. Focus on the customer, both internally & externally.

4. Success is a team effort. Be part of the team.

5. Value is built through trust. Trust is earned through honesty.

About Brand Presence Agency

We are a boutique agency, located in St. Paul, Minnesota. We specialize in all aspects of design, marketing, and advertising. Realizing our clients are the life of our company, we are passionate about every project we have the privilege of working on. By entrusting your next project to us, you can be certain we will be diligent in our services, thoughtful of achieving results, and most importantly respectful of the opportunity we are being provided.

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