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First thing’s first: if you’re reading this and thinking – “improve my digital marketing strategy?! I don’t even have a digital marketing strategy!” – worry not, these principles can be applied wherever you are in the process of engaging customers online.

It is important to take the time to delineate your digital marketing plan, however, rather than continually generating content and promotions on a one-off basis. You’ll see better, more consistent progress toward your goals if you anchor your online presence in an overall strategy. These five steps will help you accomplish exactly that.

Step 1: Align your digital marketing compass

The idea of aligning your marketing efforts with a larger strategy might seem obvious, but most companies lack a clear direction when it comes to digital marketing.

As with a compass, progress can be made with steps taken in the desired direction. To point your compass toward success, use a well-built content calendar as your map. When you build out and execute your digital marketing plan with a content calendar designed to target specific market verticals, you create a truly engaging platform for your digital visitors. This, in turn, puts you miles ahead of the competition.

Step 2: Stay ahead of digital marketing trends

It’s true in almost any context: trends may seem like great bandwagons to jump on, but trying to time your leap can leave poorly prepared companies in the dust. Digital marketing trends are no different, which is why it’s best to stay true to sound digital marketing strategies. The result for well-prepared companies is constant and consistent engagement and traffic, and a brand presence that’s designed to close on potential clients and customers when the time is right for them.

Step 3: Implement precise digital marketing campaigns

Vague campaigns sink faster than the Titanic. While it may be tempting to not share too much of your secret sauce with the entire world wide web, digital marketing campaigns that are vague in the hopes of casting a wider net end up causing confusion for the visitor.

You want your website visitors to walk down a clear path toward serious consideration of your goods and services, and digital marketing campaigns that are precise and specific are the best way to open that door.

Step 4: Practice power digital marketing as an art, not a science

Power digital marketing refers to the process of creating specific navigation funnels to lead a digital visitor from awareness to consideration and ultimately to an educated decision. Companies that execute successful power digital marketing think of it like this: we crawl before we walk and walk before we run, so there’s no point selling tennis shoes prematurely.

A majority of companies skip straight to the sales pitch (decision stage) before educating their consumer (awareness stage) in their digital marketing strategies. Consumers are smart: forcing them to make a decision before they’re ready can cause visitors to shy away. Instead, give visitors a chance to understand your brand presence and brand value as part of your digital marketing solution.

Step 5: Use digital marketing analytics to engage visitors appropriately

Digital marketing decisions should be based on digital marketing analytics. When you have access to clear marketing analytics, you can engage your visitor at the level that they choose. Don’t assume you know how your visitors will engage with your company—create engaging content for consumers at each stage of the process and allow them to engage accordingly.

The best digital marketing companies will assist with digital marketing analytics on the back-end of your efforts so you can continually improve both your national and local digital marketing. And the top digital marketing agencies understand that offering digital marketing services that pull all of these steps into one cohesive digital marketing strategy is the best way to produce results for you—and your consumers.

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