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Important Notice Regarding Our Clients Who Sponsor The NFL

Effective September 24, 2017

Brand Presence Agency, a Veteran owned business,

reserves the right to refuse services to the NFL and NFL Sponsors.

We have notified our clients who sponsor the NFL that we will no longer offer our services, due to the actions of it’s players.

Our position is not a political position, rather we cannot support companies who condone disrespecting the flag our fellow soldiers are buried under.

While we as a company appreciate the right for everyone to protest, we encourage everyone to find a more respectable platform to exercise their rights.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding of the matter, and look forward to working with our wonderful clients, when their behaviors are corrected.

All current clients who sponsor the NFL have been notified of contract negation, along with testimonials and logo’s removed from our site.

Let’s Talk About What We Do At Brand Presence Agency.

Branding Starts with Design

Brands often become disoriented in their journeys, as they work within multiple facets of digital, print, and video design. By keeping standardized colors and design, companies can maintain consistent brand presence on every form of media. By creating a consistent message, clients will feel more brand value, creating better trust, leading to more engagement and interaction.

Customer Engagement Is Required

In today’s ever changing world, engaging with prospects can be challenging, without having the right technology at your fingertips. By understanding how your prospects want to engage with your brand, companies can utilize the right tools, on the proper platforms, engaging with customers at their level. We understand the platforms necessary for client engagement, allowing our clients an edge over their competitors and market verticals.

Our Valued Clients Succeed Through Capture

Withought capture, our clients can’t succeed and grow. Brand Presence Agency is a results driven company, which prides itself on the bottom line. By putting together website design, functionality, and software integrations, we put your prospects in the place they want, with the appropriate messaging. Technology allows us to apply marketing automation, workflows, branch logic, and various other tools to ensure your digital visitors are receiving the information they want, when they want to receive it.

An Overview Of Our Services

“By working with Brand Presence Agency, we were able to expand our footprint and marketing presence. I don’t specialize in SEO, but thanks to Brand Presence Agency, I know it works.”

~ Chris Elmquist, Owner

The Furniture Specialist

“We needed someone reliable to pick up the pieces of where another agency fell short, and Brand Presence Agency delivered perfectly.”

~ Megan Cambridge, Brand Manager

Gorilla Glue

“I work with Brand Presence Agency in order to make all aspects of my business more profitable and more successful.”

~ Dawn Landor, Owner

Skinny Chick Coffee

“They are really helping us close the gaps on social media. I am truly impressed.”

~Ashley Sanborn, Director of Marketing

Planet Fitness

“As a fast growth, mid sized company we have numerous technical marketing needs that are essential to our business yet do not command a full time employee.  Brand Presence is our swiss-army knife solution.  Brad and his team are dependable, flexible and our trusted advisors”

~Michael Fagle, Director of Corporate Communications


“Brand Presence Agency brought me my first customer and continues to keep my business moving forward.”

~ Don Chering, Realtor

Keller Williams

Brand Presence Agency – Who We Are

We are a full service website design, marketing, and advertising agency, based out of St. Paul, Minnesota. The reason we used “based out of”, is for the fact that we have employees from around the world, working diligently on client projects. We have people working from Chile, Romania, Bangladesh, Canada, and 7 different states within the United States. By allowing our operations to be home based, we can both hire the best talent, and provide outstanding value for our clients.

Our founder believes in both providing the best service, but also a very competitive pricing model for clients. Currently, we have an army of 11, but don’t let our numbers fool you, as we provide unparalleled results and efficiency.

Some Of Our Valued Clients

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